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 Hydrogen Peroxide 

Nowadays, everybody is looking for a better way to live, a better way to make their lifes more healthy, and a better way to make their lives longer. I am lucky my brother introduced me to Hydrogen Peroxide Teraphy. It took me more than one year to finally get to do the treatment. If you ask me why it took me so long, I would say that I wasn't very sure about it and of course I had to do my homework. So I started searching for information on all kinds of sources I could get my eyes on. I was very impressed when I read testimonials about people getting cured of their diseases and ailments. My experience with h2o2 started when I went home to visit my parents 2 years ago. My Brother was there visiting as well, and wow I was very impressed on his looks. Just to see him! He had this nice fresh glowing skin, and his teeth were very white (better than the those people from tv comercials). He really looked very young for his age. He was 57, and he looked GREAT all thanks to the Peroxide. My mother also took the teraphy and she got rid of a cough she had for over 2 years that no doctor or any kind of medicine could rid her of. My sister got rid of an everyday headache and cough as well. She is very healthy and drinks h2o2 every other day to fight bacteria and keep herself free of infectious disease. My other sister used to suffer from pain inside her ear, which remained after she had ear surgery about 25 years ago. The pain she suffered from after surgery was more intense during the winter, but now the pain is gone. I can go on and on with my family and relatives. We are all using h2o2. I have seen enough to prove that the teraphy works, so I started the treatment while I was ar my mother's house in Mexico. The first thing I noticed was my skin. I had some premature wrinkles on the sides of my eyes and very dry skin. I noticed right after the next day I started drinking that my skin was fresh and glowing. I was getting rid of nasty flems, my breathing felt more light, like having fresher, cleaner air when I inhaled, and I haven't gotten sick. I drink it at least 3 times a week, and I give it to my daugthers too; to make the story short, it has being 2 years since I started with the teraphy and my ashtma is gone. I used to get very bad Sore Throats, but NOT ANY MORE! I used to visit the doctor at least 3 times a year for the asthma. Last year the whole world was worried about the Swine Virus, (2009 H1N1 Flu), but not me, nor the rest of my family.

Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the cause of cancer. Cancer is caused when the body's cells change from aerobic respiration to anaerobic respiration. The growth of cancer cells is initiated by a lack of oxygen. Lack of oxygen and high levels of acidity usually go together. The brighter color red your blood is, the more oxygen it carries. The darker its color, the less oxygen it carries.

 Hydrogen Peroxide in our bodies 

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide contains a very pure form of oxygen, whitch is used by every single cell in our bodies, is like everyday humans and every single living thing is this planet needs to eat, consuming h2o2 we are feeding our whole body. We can improve our oxigen in our daily rutine by doing that we are increasing our ability to funtion at hight level having a great digestion and a the immune system funtion perfectly. If any substance is interesting, it's hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide should really be called hydrogen dioxide. Its chemical formula is H2O2. It contains one more atom of oxygen than does water (H2O). By now everyone's aware of the ozone layer that surrounds the earth. Ozone consists of three atoms of oxygen (O3). This protective layer of ozone is created when ultraviolet light from the sun splits an atmospheric oxygen molecule (O2) into two single, unstable oxygen atoms. These single molecules combine with others to form ozone (O3). Ozone isn't very stable. In fact, it will quickly give up that extra atom of oxygen to falling rainwater to form hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). (Hydrogen peroxide is odorless and colorless, but not tasteless. When 35% H2O2 is stored under the proper conditions [frozen], it is a very stable compound. When kept in the absence of light and contaminant's, it dismutates (breaks down) very slowly at the rate of about 1% a year. Hydrogen peroxide boils at 152 degrees C/305.6 degrees F and freezes at minus 2 degrees C/35.6 degrees F).

 How H2O2 can help us 

Consuming in our daily rutine, we are incresing the oxigen available in our bodies as a result we improve our sirculation, our indigestion and strengthen our immune system, and the most important of all we regenerate our cells and increase cellular funtion.There is the testimonial in file of Dr. Christiaan Barnard (the first doctor to perform a successful heart transplant surgery). When asked about ingesting H2O2, he said: "I do everything possible to retard the aging process" .

H2O2 is a natural product, just like water.

H2O2 is created in the raindrops that fall from the sky.

H2O2 is in a mother’s first milk (colostrum) to strengthen the baby's immune system.

H2O2 is in all fresh fruits and vegetables.

H2O2 is used in some laundry powders to safely bleach clothing

H2O2 is manufactured in the body during the Krebs Cycle.

H2O2 is used in some products to whiten teeth. H2O2 is used by the body to strengthen the immune system.

 3% Solutions of H202 

First.- The 3% solution is easy to made, just mix 1 ounce of 35% h2o2 with 11 ounces distilled water, (make sure you wear globes and small funnel to pour the h2o2), all together will make 12 ounces of 3% h2o2 this solution has variety of medical uses.

1. For enema use 3 tablespoons of 3% h2o2 and one quart of water

2. Great for tooth paste and mouthwash, It can be used full strength or mix with baking soda

3. - for Sinus, used 1 cup of non-chlorinated water and one tablespoon of 3% h2o2and use it as a nasal spray,( some people can take the full 3% strength ).

4. A tablespoon added to 1 cup of non-chlorinated water can be used as a nasal spray. Depending on the degree of sinus involvement, one will have to adjust the amount of peroxide used.

5. - Add 1 ounce of 3% h2o2 to 1 gallon of pets drinking water. Sick cattle have benefit from it(1 pint of % h2o2 fr each gallon of water. Chickens and cows have remain healthy by using 7 ounces of 35% per 1,000 gallons of drinking water.


 Grades of Hydrogen Peroxide 

30% Re-Agent Hydrogen Peroxide Used in medical research. Contains stabilizers. 30-32% Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Used for washing transistors and integrated chip parts before assembly. Unknown Stabilizers. 35% (also 10%) Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Contains a small amount of phosphorus to neutralize any chlorine in the water it is combined with. 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide / 50% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Used in food products like cheese, eggs, whey products. Also used to spray inside of foil lined containers for food storage (antiseptic packaging system). You can find food grade hydrogen peroxide in 3%, 6%, 7%, 12%, 17%, 35%, 40% or 50% solutions. Consumption of any concentration of hydrogen peroxide above 10% can cause neurological damage. 90% Hydrogen Peroxide Used by the military as a source of Oxygen, at Cape Canaveral and as rocket fuel. 99.6% Hydrogen Peroxide This was first made in 1954 as an experiment to see how pure hydrogen peroxide could be made..

 Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizers 

Most commercial solutions of Hydrogen Peroxide contain stabilizers (chelating and sequestering agents) which have been added to minimize decomposition of the product through transport and storage. In some applications a high degree of stabilization is required and in others product purity is important. Stabilizers in Hydrogen Peroxide vary between producers and product grades. Stabilizers are added prior to shipping and storage. Stabilizers may improve the performance of Hydrogen Peroxide, depending upon the application. Types and levels of stabilization depends on the grade of Hydrogen Peroxide. Stabilizers consist of chelants/sequestrants (inorganic/organic phosphates) and/or stannate and silicate. Some stabilizers (stannate) are alkaline, most (phosphonic acids) are acidic and exhibit buffering properties which add acidity to the product. Colloidal stannate and sodium pyrophosphate (present at 25 - 250 mg/L) are standard stabilizers. Organophosphonates are also common. Other additives may include nitrate, phosphoric acid and colloidal silicate. The amount and type of stabilizers used varies between producers, product grades, and Hydrogen Peroxide concentrations. Hydrogen Peroxide is colorless and odorless. H2O2 bought in drug stores and supermarkets contain stabilizers. Pour 1/2 cap of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of distilled non-chlorinated water and place it in the sun to see if it contains stabilizers. If the color has a yellowish or other color, a stabilizer was added. If the H2O2 solution is colorless, it might not have a stabilizer added. Another test: hydrogen peroxide poured into a clean glass, covered with a dish and left in the sun, should not have air bubbles, if there are air bubbles, there are metal contaminants. To test drinking water: add 10% of 3% non-stabilized H2O2 to 90% tap or well water and wait at least 6 hours. If there are a lot of air bubbles after 6 hours, the tap or well water has to much organic residues or heavy metals. After testing the water discard it or dilute it and use it to water a plant or plants.

 Drinking Hydrogen Peroxide 

As dead bacteria and toxins are released from your body, your capacity to eliminate them quickly enough may cause some pain or discomfort in the kidneys. This toxic overload may cause fatigue, diarrhea, headaches, skin eruptions, cold or flu-like symptoms, and/or nausea. If this occurs, remain at the current dosage or reduce it to the previous dosage until the problem stops. Do not discontinue drinking the hydrogen peroxide solution unless pain or irritations become severe. Discomfort and irritations will dissipate shortly after cutting back on the amount of hydrogen peroxide you are drinking. Continuing with the hydrogen peroxide program will clean out the body sooner of excess toxins. Another method of drinking hydrogen peroxide, requires putting 1 drop of hydrogen peroxide in every ounce of water you drink. If the taste of the hydrogen peroxide is to strong for you, try putting 1 drop of hydrogen peroxide in every 2 ounces of water you drink.

Normal human cells have a lot of molecular oxygen and a slightly alkaline pH. The cancer cell has an acid pH and lack of oxygen. Cancer cells will not survive in an oxygen environment. Cancer and all diseases do not like oxygen. Proper cellular utilization of oxygen requires diets containing adequate amounts of unsaturated fatty acids. Most common ailments affecting population are directly related to oxygen starvation. Asthma, emphysema, and lung disease are on the rise, especially in polluted metropolitan areas. Cases of constipation, diarrhea, intestinal parasites and bowel cancer are on the rise.

Many of the new "miracle" drugs and nutritional supplements used to treat these conditions work by increasing cellular oxygen. The miracle nutrient, Coenzyme Q10, helps regulate intercellular oxidation. Organic germanium increases oxygen levels at the cellular level. Niacin and vitamin E promote tissue oxidation through their dilation of blood vessels. Vitamin E makes efficient use of available oxygen and acidophilus helps re-establish beneficial bacterial flora in the bowels. Hydrogen peroxide is only one of the many components that help regulate the amount of oxygen getting to your cells. The presence of hydrogen peroxide is vital for many other functions as well. Hydrogen peroxide is required for the production of thyroid hormones and sexual hormones, the production of interferon, dilation of blood vessels in the heart / brain and glucose utilization in diabetics.

Germanium is a trace element / mineral, which promotes cell oxygen absorption. Germanium enhances the cell’s ability to generate energy by raising the cell’s oxygen supply. Organic Germanium-132, has never exhibited any toxic side effects. Germanium strengthens the immune system, normalizes high blood pressure / cholesterol and protects the body against cellular aberrations. Germanium stimulates the immune system in cancer patients as well as healthy individuals. The highest concentrations of germanium were found in medicinal plants: ginseng, shitake mushrooms, aloe vera, comfrey and garlic. Russian shelf fungus had the highest levels of germanium. The healing waters of Lourdes, France also have significant quantities of germanium. Germanium appears to significantly enhance the body's production of interferon. research suggests that germanium helps normalize the body's defenses in cancer patients.

A single atom of oxygen is very reactive and is referred to as a free radical. We continually read that free radicals are responsible for all types of ailments and even premature aging. Our bodies create and use free radicals to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. White blood cells are responsible for fighting infection and foreign invaders (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) in the body by making hydrogen peroxide to oxidize all infections and invaders. Vitamin C helps fight infections by producing hydrogen peroxide, which stimulates the production of prostaglandins. Lactobacillus found in the colon and vagina also produce hydrogen peroxide. This destroys harmful bacteria and viruses, preventing colon disease, vaginitis, bladder infections and a host of other common ailments. When lactobacillus in the colon or vaginal are overrun with harmful viruses, yeast, or bacteria, an effective douche or enema solution can be made using 3 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide in 1 quart of distilled water. Friendly bacteria in the colon and vagina are aerobic, while most strains of harmful bacteria, viruses and cancer cells are anaerobic and cannot survive in the presence of oxygen or hydrogen peroxide.

Hydroxyl radicals are formed when super oxide and hydrogen peroxide react together. To prevent damaging the cells, antioxidants and hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) should be taken if the hydrogen peroxide formula is going to be used for a long period of time. Antioxidants come if different pill forms and in different food types. Antioxidants foods are cranberries, blueberries, aronia berries, pomegranates, etc. Nature's best antioxidant is a drop of clove oil under the tongue, which contains more than ten times the antioxidants that any berry does. Dentists have been using clove oil as an antiseptic in there profession for ages.

Hydrogen peroxide helps: Adult Onset Diabetes, Allergies, Altitude Sickness, Alzheimer's, Anemia, Angina, Arrhythmia, Arthritis, Asthma, Bacterial Infections, Bronchitis, Cancer, Candida, Cardiovascular Disease, Cerebral Vascular Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Diabetic Gangrene, Diabetic Retinopathy, Digestion Problems, Emphysema, Epstein-Barr Infection, Food Allergies, Fungal Infections, Gangrene, Gingivitis, Headaches, Heart Disease, Herpes Simplex, Herpes Zoster, HIV Infection, Immune Disorders, Infectious Diseases, Inflammation, Influenza, Insect Bites, Liver Cirrhosis, Lupus Erythematosis, Migraine Headaches, Multiple Sclerosis, Parasitic Infections, Parkinson's Disease, Parkinsonism, Periodontal Disease, Pneumonia, Prostatitis, Pulmonary Diseases, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Shingles, Sinusitis, Sore Throat, Stroke & Memory Loss, Type II Diabetes, Ulcers, Vascular & Cluster Headaches, Viral Infections, Warts, Yeast Infections, etc. Some results from drinking hydrogen peroxide include: arthritis disappearing, high blood pressure normalizing, cancers going into remission, high energy levels returning, bowels regulated, alertness and increased memory, elimination of depression, etc. Hydrogen peroxide stimulates enzyme systems throughout the body, increasing metabolic rate, causing small arteries to dilate and increase blood flow, enhancing the body's distribution and consumption of oxygen while raising body temperature.

Possible Reactions to using Hydrogen Peroxide include: Skin eruptions, nausea, sleepiness, unusual fatigue, diarrhea, colds (in head or chest), ear infections, boils, or any other method that the body uses to emit toxins from the body. This is the natural way for the body to cleanse and the natural cleansing will be of short duration, as you continue to maintain your program. Above all, even if you must decrease the dosage, continue the program, don't give up. If you get a cleansing reaction, you may want to increase the dosage to hasten the cleansing. A cleansing is the effect on the body of bacteria dying off, or various forms of poisons being released through the eliminative organs of the body, i.e. skin, lungs, kidneys and bowels. Remember: When hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with virus and streptococcus, it will liberate free oxygen. This may be happening in your stomach. If your stomach feels uneasy, it is only the hydrogen peroxide destroying the virus and streptococcus in your body.

The dangers and side effects of hydrogen peroxide are few and conflicting. There have been two known fatalities in children who ingested 27% hydrogen peroxide and 40% hydrogen peroxide. A 2 year old female swallowed one mouthful of 35% hydrogen peroxide. She immediately began vomiting, followed by fainting and respiratory arrest. She experienced erosion and bleeding of the stomach and esophagus, but survived the incident. She was re-examined 12 days later, her stomach and esophagus had healed.


Taking hydrogen peroxide immediately before bedtime causes difficulty getting to sleep because of the increased oxygen levels at the cellular level. CAUTION: Individuals who have had transplants should not take hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide stimulates the immune system and could cause the rejection of the transplanted organ. Keep hydrogen peroxide out of the reach of children. Store hydrogen peroxide in the back of the refrigerator or in the freezer in a box or in a marked container ( DANGER !!! or CAUTION !!! ). Drink hydrogen peroxide solution one hour before or three hours after a meal. Add food grade hydrogen peroxide to 8 oz. distilled water, spring water, milk, vegetable juice, or fruit juice. Do Not use chlorinated tap water. Hydrogen peroxide is used to pasteurize milk in most countries around the world. 12 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in a quart of milk is an alternative to pasteurization. There is an enzyme in fresh pressed carrot juice and bananas that breaks down H202 into water and oxygen on contact. No sugary, alcoholic or carbonated beverages. Drink the hydrogen peroxide mixture on an empty stomach. If your stomach gets upset at any level, stay at that level, or go back one level. Candida victims may need to stay at the Day 1 dosage level for up to 1 week before beginning the hydrogen peroxide regimen. When reaching higher dosages, more water may be used. Deep breathing, fresh air, and exercise are also very important. If you are on a medication, consult your doctor. CAUTION: If any strong solution of hydrogen peroxide concentrate is spilled on the skin, flush the skin immediately with water. Skin may whiten temporarily. Try not to burp after drinking the hydrogen peroxide solution, it is probably singlet oxygen (O1).

 Dosage Schedule Using 35% Food Grade H202 

Day 1...........3 drops, 3 times daily
Day 2...........4 drops, 3 times daily
Day 3...........5 drops, 3 times daily
Day 4...........6 drops, 3 times daily
Day 5...........7 drops, 3 times daily
Day 6...........8 drops, 3 times daily
Day 7...........9 drops, 3 times daily
Day 8..........10 drops, 3 times daily
Day 9..........12 drops, 3 times daily
Day 10.........14 drops, 3 times daily
Day 11.........16 drops, 3 times daily
Day 12.........18 drops, 3 times daily
Day 13.........20 drops, 3 times daily
Day 14.........22 drops, 3 times daily
Day 15.........24 drops, 3 times daily
Day 16.........25 drops, 3 times daily

For serious problems stay at 25 drops, 3 times daily for 1 to 3 weeks. Reduce dosage to 25 drops, 2 times daily until the problems go away. This may take 1 to 6 months. When problems go away, reduce dosage to 25 drops 1 time daily for a week, then 25 drops every other day for a week, then 25 drops every third day for a week and then 25 drops every fourth day for a week. A good maintenance routine would be 5 to 20 drops a week. The addition of copper to hydrogen peroxide increases the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide on bacteria up to 3,000 times. Coenzyme Q10, organic germanium, niacin, vitamin E, flax oil, lecithin and acidophilus help increase oxygenation.

The statements regarding alternative treatments for cancer have not been evaluated by the FDA.

All the information about Hydrogen Peroxide was taken from diferent websites and from my personal experience, my intention is to inform my friends and family about the h2o2. my main website sourse is this: http://drinkh2o2.com/ and http://www.dancingalgae.com/hydrogenperoxide.html You may want to visit those websites for more information. I hope you start your teraphy as soon as you can, I am on it for almost 3 years and I haven't got sick since then!...good luck...Sincerely Gris